Listography: People I’ve Lived With

  1. Mum


  2. Dad


  3. Nancy


  4. Audrey


  5. Aaron, my first love
  6. Crystal, a flatmate who was really into Black Metal. She had blue hair and also pet mice.
  7. Cwerythwyn, a flatmate who was the child of hippies. Her mom was a best-selling Tarot card book author.
  8. Charles


  9. Susan
  10. Carla
  11. Steve
  12. Tammy
  13. the crazy girl who I lived with in a chicken coop
  14. Sayre, a flatmate who is an MC
  15. Andrew, a flatmate. We formed a club called Conquistadores Naranjas.
  16. Michael, a flatmate. He became schizophrenic.

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2 Responses to “Listography: People I’ve Lived With”

  1. Joy Says:

    How did the child of hippies pronounce that name???

    * * *

    Salut Joy!

    It was pronounced kah-RITH-win. Nutters, I know it.

    xx – Holden

  2. wnorthw Says:

    omg – love the baby pics. so cute!

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