The C-Suite Life

Not so glamorous!

Finally, finally, my sister and my company is LAUNCHING! It’s only been over two years of planning and making and designing and organizing and raising monies and going nuts.

Right now I’m buried in our budget forecast (a little late, but whatevs) and coming to the realization that I really do not wear my spectacles enough (i.e. my eyes, they hurt!)

I’m not exactly sure how we’re doing this here thing, especially with her in Dallas and me here in SF. But we are. The last few months, with Grandma’s death and then the holidays were very slumpy-like.

But now we’re stoked again and ready to face the retail market (don’t cringe! I saw that!)

Today’s Executive Meeting Minutes (also known as IMing):

Nancy:  ok I have to go back to getting this stuff done.  call me if you need anything
me:  basically, i need to be paid on time…and i’m sure you do too
ok so, we’re not going to have a formal meeting at 8:30 then?
Nancy:  Um we can but I thought we were gonna go over budget and since you just got it??
me:  yeah, makes sense
i’ll work on budget
Nancy:  Ok you wanna talk tomorrow night then?

me:  tomorrow night is date night

Nancy:  okay so Thursday?
me:  thursday night is good
Nancy:  okay
peace out
me:  Dude, I’m getting excited again!!
Nancy:  GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me:  we’re gonna ROCK. IT. OUT.
Nancy:  ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me:  woooooooooooooooooot
i <3 you!
Nancy:  Can i get a wha wha
love ya too
me:  wha WHA!!!

This is what it’s like to be the COO to your sister’s CEO. We are dorks.


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  1. tk Says:

    Congratulations! What product or service is your company going to provide?

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