Your Links For Saturday Are Spooky

Well only one is actually spooky, but two purport to be, and one is just a random little piece of awesomeness about San Francisco that even we locals didn’t know about. Best of the week, top of the morning’, that kind of thing.


The photograph that frightens Christians everywhere! Omigod! It’s, it’s an accountant in a marching band! Noooooooo! “Chapter IV: In Which I Become a Threat to Christianity” From Go, Play, Boy, Play


Okay, now for something that really is actually scary. A clown that will make you not want to have sex. For realz. Interestingly enough, the Christians love him!

“No, literally, he’s a clown, and his job is literally to teach abstinence. He’s also the worst public speaker of all time.” See the video at Videogum, then compare and contrast.


This is awesome news. Did you know there are all kinds of Privately Owned Public Open Spaces (POPOS) in the City? They’re everywhere, just begging to be patronized: you can eat your lunch, read a books, have a cup of coffee, or stage some kind of yoga hippie love-in. Map included! From Streetsblog.



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