Listography: My Favorite Restaurants

  1. L’Amour dans le Four – They lost their lease a year or two ago, so this restaurant is now gone. It’s very sad. It was the most darling little French place, very cozy and they had the absolute best pate in the whole city. Everything tasted like homemade French and I always felt like I was part of the little family there.
  2. Aqua
  3. Boulevard
  4. the place in Oakland with the fried chicken sandwiches – Jack is going to have to fill me in on the name. Bakesale Betty’s! Best sandwiches in the whole world. People line up out the door to get them.
  5. Charles Nob Hill (also gone)
  6. Isa – The best foie gras in the City, at least the best consistently.
  7. Jeanty at Jack’s – This used to be just “Jack’s”…but you know the French. Always sticking their names on things. It was good when it was Jack’s and it’s still good as Jeanty at Jack’s, so whatever. I like French food. Obviously.
  8. Boulange de Polk – This isn’t really a “restaurant”, more of a cafe. But still. The sticky buns in the morning are silly.
  9. Greens – The only vegetarian restaurant that brings in omnivores in troves. Delicious morning and evening.
  10. Town Hall – Comfort food. When you need really expensive and awesome comfort food. Actually, it’s not that expensive. And the desserts are killer. Killer, I say! It can get a little overwhelming crowd-wise at prime times, but when you get a table in the back it’s totally doable. And I’m picky about sound and ambient noise levels.
  11. Foreign Cinema – Yum, always yum. And fun! It’s a cute little schtick that they play an old movie while you eat. You can’t hear the sound, but it makes for funny visuals. Especially if your date is up for a game of “Fill in the words”. I like to make the characters say dirty, dirty things to each other. Because I am about 10. Years old. With a 35 year-olds taste for fine cuisine.
  12. Dottie’s True Blue – You haven’t had a real breakfast in SF yet. You know why? Because there aren’t a lot of places to get them. This is like going to your grandma’s house and she’s made WAY too much food and all of it is delicious and after you eat here all you want to do is take a nap or watch TV. Which, I think is awesome.

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