Listography: The Strangest Places I’ve Had Sex

  1. the library
  2. the bathroom of a bar
  3. a cave on the beach of Big Sur
  4. an estuary on a beach around Half Moon Bay
  5. a giant boulder near a swimming hole in Santa Cruz
  6. the deck of a cruise ship
  7. a limousine
  8. at the Drive-In Movie show


2 Responses to “Listography: The Strangest Places I’ve Had Sex”

  1. this buddy of mine Says:

    damn…so you like the beach huh?

  2. Savior Says:

    Heh, yeah I guess she does like the beach.

    I’d be considering all of them… but the library? hmm

    * * *

    Hello you two troublemakers,

    Actually, sex on the beach, as it were, is generally not so much fun. My tip: stand up. Both of you. Or savor the wrath that is that one itty bitty sand crystal in your hoohah.

    The library was bar none the hottest.

    xx – Holden

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