Listography: My Past Jobs

  1. baby-sitter
  2. filing clerk at my dad‘s office
  3. salesgirl at the record store
  4. secretary
  5. property manager
  6. asset manager
  7. fashion model
  8. teacher to kids with “learning disabilities”
  9. creative director
  10. artist
  11. poet
  12. chief operations officer

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One Response to “Listography: My Past Jobs”

  1. gbem1 Says:

    What’s your current job?

    * * *

    Well, currently I do four of them:

    I’ll be a poet and artist for the rest of my life. I make money as a visual artist, not so much as a poet.

    I’m working part-time as a secretary for the health insurance while I’m the COO of my sister and my company until we launch and can get health insurance for ourselves.


    xx – Holden

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