Saturday Linky Links

The best of the week determined by moi.

Numero 1:

Did you know that the super awesome pilot with the adorable nickname Sully who saved a whole mess of lives the week is from the Bay Area? More proof that we kick ass at

Numero 2:

Object Permenance at THE WIND IN YOUR VAGINA.

Numero 3:

You may have heard of this 7Things Meme. Here is one example at Blog The Third. And here is more or less a definitive list of a whole lot of people who’ve also participated. I haven’t yet…don’t know if I will. I’m super-duper into making lists, but I share so much that I honestly don’t know if I can think of 7 things you don’t know about me. Serious.

Numero 4:

Everything and more about the murder of Oscar Grant. And some more. Because everyone loves a spectacle.

Numero 5:

Finally, one of the most adorable and uplifting little under-reported stories of the week. It about the gays. And penguins. From Neatorama.


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