Beware: This Could Get Addictive

So, you know when you’re walking around and you see like five police cars and crime scene tape and all that, and you’re like, “WTF?”*

Well, I just found out you can find out pretty much whatever the police are up to on

For instance, there was a shooting last night at 20th and Mission. Nobody even told me. But now I know. Thanks,! This will do wonders for my anxiety when I move to a house like four blocks from there!**

* If you’re all, “No, that doesn’t sound familiar at all!” don’t worry your precious little head because it’s what we call Life in the Big City.

** Truth be told, I’m not really afraid of this kind of stuff. What I am totally afraid of is getting into a car crash on the freeway, and basically driving and/or cars in general. Because they are dangerous.


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