Moving Soon! (Not Out of SF, Don’t Be Nutty)

Except for Twitter, I’ve been quite mum about this because of some bizarre superstition that I invented called “If You Blog About It, Then Things Will Go Horribly Wrong”.

But today I am taking a stand. Jinxophobia, be gone!


Jack and I have found a flat in the City that we adore and we’re planning on moving in together this year.

Who: Jack’s parents just sold their business (which they totally built from the ground up) and want to invest, so they’re buying a place in this fair city. Then they will be our landlords.

What: The flat they bid on is adorable. It’s a two bedroom, two bathroom  TIC and was built in 1908.

Where: Here we go…it’s in “NoPa”. I use the scare quotes because I’m just not all that sure this is a real neighborhood yet. I tend to think it’s a fancy real estate marketing scheme, and so does the agent.

Why: No = north. Pa = of the Panhandle. Panhandle = that little section of Golden Gate Park that sticks out like a…well, duh.

When: Soon-ish. We’ll see how the whole process goes. I’m pretty much not a part of the nitty gritty, which is fab. Then Jack wants to live alone for “a few months” because he hasn’t done that in awhile. Why he has roommates in Oakland right now is beyond me, but whatever.

So, yay! Good news! And more laterz.


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One Response to “Moving Soon! (Not Out of SF, Don’t Be Nutty)”

  1. tk Says:

    Congrats! That’s a great neighborhood, even if “NoPa” as a designator is a real-estate-agent confection.

    Regardless, enjoy the new digs!

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