Welcome Miss Brittney and Miss Lisey to SF!

We have new neighbors!

The lovely Brittney Gilbert of Sparkwood & 21 and Eye on Blogs and the lovely Miss Lisey (@lisey on Twitter) are now officially residents of our fine City.

Here is Brittney in a darling pink tutu in her darling new apartment:

Hey, nice view!

Hey, nice view!

What I want to know is, how the hell did she get a view like that?! Major jealousy. My view is the building next door.

Welcome Brittney! We must have tea! And crumpets! And you must wear that tutu.

I wish I had a photo of Lisey in a pink tutu in her new apartment, but maybe she’s too cool for that. But she is invited to tea and crumpets too.




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6 Responses to “Welcome Miss Brittney and Miss Lisey to SF!”

  1. lisey Says:

    Thank you for that fine welcome. If you’d like you can see me in the tutu here.
    Brittney and Lisey in their new place, with tutus

    I’ll wear it when enjoying tea and crumpets with you and miss brittney.


    That is fantastic! Though, it’s just dawned on my that I myself do not have a tutu. I know, it’s preposterous.

    xx, Holden

  2. ian Says:

    w00t! lovely ladies indeed. check them out: http://twitpic.com/x84z

  3. ian Says:


  4. lisey Says:

    Holden, we have extras we will provide you with a tutu. :)

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  6. brittney Says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Can’t wait to meet up soon.

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