Who Wrote This Copy, Amazon.com?

So, I’m getting rid of my television (long story) and I’m in the market for a portable DVD player.

I go to Amazon. The gadget I’m looking at has “179.99” written under it and then a link saying “(Why don’t we show the price?)” next to it.

Naturally, I wanted to know why the hell the didn’t show the price, so I clicked the link…only to find this mumbo-jumbo:

When Prices Are Not Shown on the Product Detail Page

To see the current price, you may need to take one of the actions described below:

If the product detail page says “Add to cart to see price”:

To see our “in-store” price on this product, you must add it to your Shopping Cart by clicking the Add to Shopping Cart button after closing this window. Please be assured that simply adding an item to your cart does not obligate you to buy it–you can always delete the item from your cart if you decide not to purchase it.

If the product detail page says “Click to see price”:

To see our “in-store” price on this product, click on the “click to see price” message. Some suppliers request that retailers not advertise a price if it drops below a certain amount, but in-store prices may be lower. At a physical store, you may have to check the display or ask a salesperson to find out the in-store price of this product. At Amazon, by clicking on “click here to see price,” you are asking to see the price, at which point we show it to you.

Okay, whaaa?

After reading that three times, I finally figured out that Sony doesn’t want you to know that the price is low. Which is retarded. The price is what it is. Why the fuck do I have to click another link to find it out? Why don’t you want it advertised, Sony? Are you trying to sell me something, or what.



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