They Don’t Hate Us, They Fear Change

I’ve seen a lot of knee-jerk reactions lately to Obama’s choice for the invocation at his inaguration: Pastor Rick Warren.

And I don’t blame the LGBT community for being freaked out. I was confused by the choice, too. And I couldn’t write it off as this political move to appease Republicans, either, because I believe that Obama is just smarter than that.

So, when I came across Melissa Ethridge’s Op-Ed in HuffPost yesterday, I felt a great sense of relief.

It’s okay to not be outraged at this. And it’s okay to open our hearts a little, too.

I still firmly believe we are moving (however slowly) forward.

Anyway, Ethridge had an experience that forced her to see how crazily multifaceted we all are…and that sometimes what we do share just might outweigh what we do not share. I’m not saying I agree with Rick Warren or his preachings in any shape, manner or form. What I am saying is that nobody’s perfect. Here is a Christian pastor saying a prayer before the inagural address of Barack Obama.

Rick Warren hasn’t been appointed to any executive, legislative or judicial seat. He’s saying a prayer. I say: Let’s take that little prayer-y thing and see what he says…and moreover, let’s freaking listen to what the new President has to say in his speech. I mean, he’s the guy who’s actually, you know, gonna be running things around here.

So…Ethridge’s thing…It’s a good piece. Go for it.


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2 Responses to “They Don’t Hate Us, They Fear Change”

  1. Christine/WestVillageIdiot Says:

    You (& Melissa) articulate well what I’ve been feeling. Thx-


  2. tangobaby Says:

    Thank you for pointing me to that essay. I’ve been sequestering myself lately from HuffPo because I’m tired of all of the speculation and drama.

    I found your blog via flickr and have been enjoying reading your posts.


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