[My Dad’s] Wedding Dress Shopping

That title doesn’t sound quite right, but screw it. I need a dress for my dad’s wedding. He will not be wearing a dress, as far as I know.

Okay, so my dad’s wedding is not until July but I figure I should take into account all the “economy-sucky” sales right now and see if I can find a dress.

Some options I saw today:

Number 1

Catherine Malandrino "Ballerina Dress"

Catherine Malandrino "Ballerina Dress"

If you haven’t noticed, my breasts are almost nonexistent (I might be considered a double-A if I actually bothered to look for a bra), so I thought this looked suitable. It’s a bit short, though…and I don’t know if the black leggings would go over well in a Chicago July.

Number 2

Catherine Malandrino silk draped halter dress

Catherine Malandrino silk draped halter dress

I thought it might be fun to wear something in such a shocking color.

Well, my dearest readers, what do you think? Yay? Nay? Keep looking?


Dammit. If I had my druthers (and by “druthers” I mean cold, hard cash or a non-maxed-out credit card), I’d get this one:

Bill Blass shaded silk cap sleeve gown

Bill Blass shaded silk cap sleeve gown


3 Responses to “[My Dad’s] Wedding Dress Shopping”

  1. audrey Says:

    As a full supporter of porcelain skin, I don’t think nude really will look good. In person, it may be stunning, but think of how long (and how many)the pictures will last…just thinking like rachel zoe here :)

    and the other sister (are we allowed to say real names?) says she is wearing long…..

    but this one is getting her dress en europa!!! Hahaha (sorry that was mean)

    -love audrey

  2. Nancy Says:

    I say keep looking! I don’t think any of those have the Wow factor yet. We have time:) Maybe we can find one in Mexico haha….It is no Europe but could be fun! FYI sales day after Xmas are nuts! Think Saks and Neimans!

  3. amy.leblanc Says:

    chicago in july…..i would definitely go for halter/ something without armpits, and long enough that you don’t have to wear stockings. and NOT silk. have you ever worn silk on a summer day? grooooosssss.

    i also say keep looking.

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