42 [Memes]

Okay, I’ll admit the obvious. I love answering questionnaires. I even fill out that “How are we doing?” questionnaire the US Postal Service give you. As if the USPS is going to, well, improve or something.

“42” is from Voenix Rising, a blog I read often (despite the cheesy pics of hot guys).

1. Does your brother approve of who you are dating?
I don’t have a real brother, but Monsieur is pretty much the same thing, and yes, he approves of Jack.

2. Do you like Obama?
Yes, very much so. If he wasn’t the president-elect, and just a guy living in SF, I would hope I’d be friends with him. The first random thing that came to my mind when thinking about why I liked him was that it’s so obvious how he respects and adores his wife, Michelle. I noticed that, at the end of the debates, he would always gently put his hand on the small of her back and lead her offstage, walking together. This is most gentlemanly. I like gentlemen.

3. Whats on your mind?
I haven’t eaten anything yet today and I’m quite hungry but I don’t really have time to eat because I need to get ready to go to Jack’s company holiday party. Also, I’m wondering how my grandmother is doing (she’s had two heart attacks in the last week and is still in the ICU). I’m also thinking about my new blog, which I’ll tell you about sometime soon. And my new photography project. And I’m cold.

4. When did you last cry?
A little less than a week ago, and they were happy tears because Jack and I were talking about moving forward in our relationship and plans for the future and all that.

5. Who were you with last night?


6. Do you have a deep secret?
Yes, there are a couple things left that I haven’t shared over the intertubes, if you can believe it.

7. Do you like someone?
I like a good number of people.

8. What do you want right now?

How about five more hours?

9. Have you ever made anyone cry?

Oh certainly. My sisters and I made each other cry growing up all the time. I’m sure I’ve said things that have made loved ones cry in adulthood, though I cannot think of any good examples right now. Crying is good.

10. Are you normally a happy person?
I hate the word “normal” and “normally”, so I’ll just think of it as “in general”. Yes, in general, I am a happy person. But i’m not exactly sure what the means aside from that I used to be a depressed person, and now I am not.

11. Are you annoying?
At times, I’m sure. But in general, I don’t think I am. I try to not be.

12. Are there any people who don’t like you?
I think it would be silly to think there aren’t, but I’m not aware of them.

13. Do you miss anyone?
I miss my mom today. But I’ll see her in February in Cabo San Lucas.

14. What is bugging you right now?
An IM flashing in the top of my screen. Being chilly. Needing to get ready to go out. Which, shit, I really ought to do right now.

To be continued (I just know you’re all waiting with bated breath)…


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