“Getting” Twitter: Elementary Ms. Watson

Even though it’s getting more popular, and I have a little video about Twitter (starring me me me), some people I know still don’t “get it”.

Well, the lovely Moya Watson makes another great case:

I had a passing fantasy sometime between the insomniac hours of 3a and 5a today (which I passed largely by catching up on the Twitter stream of my friends and colleagues from “Old Europe” — thanks @yojibee, @oliver, @jamesfarrar and others for the company!) that Twitter – particularly via its direct-message functionality, could eventually become my only email interface. Then it would be “goodbye” to my perennially heavy inbox and the respective perennial bad feelings at not responding as I should — a burden lifted, a liability reduced.

Because in the Twitter-as-Inbox world, messages just fleet by, and only what is happening in the moment matters. Direct message queue? Irrelevant — plus, 140-character-dispatches are much easier to respond to than the typical heavy tome that I myself tend to compose. Anything important flit by yesterday or last week in one of the countless unread tweets? No worries — If it’s important enough, it would be retweeted.

Only the moment matters. Peace is every step. What a gift it would be! I could concentrate on my breathing. “Breathing in, I calm my body. Breathing out, I smile.”

But then again, it would have been nice to be sleeping. Or maybe cleaning out my email inbox.


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One Response to ““Getting” Twitter: Elementary Ms. Watson”

  1. moyawatson Says:

    fabulous darling! i love being associated with sherlock holmes. or maybe it’s thomas edison. either way. a bright connection!

    thanks for the visit and the reference.

    and WOW — GREAT twitter video on current! thanks for the pointer!

    but it looks like you need to do some dishes.
    ps: also loved revisiting the vagina tweet

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