Newsflash: Drinking Alcohol Makes You A Fatty

When I stopped drinking four and a half years ago, I lost weight. A lot of weight. I went from a size 10 to a size 2 in about a year.

I just checked my flickr to find some before and after photos, but it looks like I am bereft of “befores”. Funny how I wouldn’t want to save my bloated-alcoholic phase self-portraits.

Some people thought I was starving myself (as in, “Aren’t you eating?”, as in, “You’re anorexic!”). Not true.

I was sort-of perplexed myself because I never drank beer (which I think most people know has lots of calories). At the end of my drinking days, it was pretty much Manhattans and martinis for me.

So, when I came across this link (WARNING: Some refer to it as “the most horrifying link in the world”…but it is SFW), I felt happy.

When you’re in your post-alcoholic-self life, you gotta hang on to the little things about not drinking being good that are good. Wow. That made a whole lot of sense.

Anyway, feel free to forward to your sober friends.



One Response to “Newsflash: Drinking Alcohol Makes You A Fatty”

  1. steelopus Says:

    Excellent! I’m 29 years sober! (…not coincidentally, I’m 29 years old)

    Many people think I’m insane. Many people think I’m “missing out” and that I’m “anti-social.”
    The truth is that I _am_ insane and I _am_ anti-social, but that has nothing to do with my decision to not drink.

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