Monday Morning Niceties and My First Introduction To The Freemasons

When someone asks you (inevitably) “How was your weekend?” what do you say?

I try to mix it up, not that anyone who’s asking truly cares. My old standbys are “Good.” “Productive.” “Restful.” “Too short.” This, of course, is followed by the etiquetterific “How was yours?” even though I generally don’t care either. At least, not about anyone in the office.

Friends, who supposedly care more, ask “What did you do this weekend?” which provides for a little storytelling opportunity.

Anyway, here are my answers. These are the fun ones because you are more special than my coworkers.

My weekend was:

  • good
  • somewhat productive
  • restful
  • and too short

This is what I did:

  • I found Christmas gifts for both Nancy and Audrey at one of my favorite boutiques Molte Cose on Polk. I’m proud because they are both unique, and vintage, and one is handmade too. I also spent over $75 dollars in chocolate from Fog City News. Each bar is totally different, and it’s going to be fun picking who gets what. So far, I have managed not to eat any of the chocolate, which is a huge feat, if you know me.
  • I slept in until at least nine o’clock on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • I smoked cigarettes and drank coffee.
  • Saturday evening, Jack and I attended an annual Masonic dinner.

It was the first time Jack invited me and I got to satisfy a lot of curiousity about the Freemasons. The dinner followed the ceremonial “Installation of Officers” for 2009.

First there was a musical prelude given by the Organist (this is an official officer) followed by an introduction by the Past Master and then a processional of newly elected and appointed officers “with Ritualistic Music”. The music was somewhat bizarre. It was slightly like those scenes from Eyes Wide Shut, interspersed with oddly familiar tunes like “Send in the Clowns” (no joke, or maybe it was a joke, but this really happened).

After the processional was the invocation and the introduction of the Chaplain and then, the “Presentation of the Flag”. The flag presentation was done by a group of girls, and reminded me of Girl Scouts, except that they wore handmade dresses. We said the Pledge of Allegiance, which I haven’t done in I don’t even know how long.

Finally the Installation began. The Installing Officer and Master of Ceremonies, both Past Masters, were awesome. I just loved their deep, serious voices. More than a sense of seriousness, there was a sense of dutifulness mixed with a modicum of fun, if one can imagine that.

The officers installed were: Tiler (I have no idea what this guy does, but I’m pretty sure it’s the lowest rung of the officer ladder), Organist, Junior Steward, Senior Steward (the Stewards apparently have something to do with refreshments), Marshal, Junior Deacon, Senior Deacon, Assistant Secretary and Chaplain.

Then on to the “biggies”: Secretary, Treasurer, Junior Warden, Senior Warden and Worshipful Master.

After that, a proclamation, some remarks, a presentation and more remarks.What suprised me most, I think, was not the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony, but the audience. There was quite a bit of whispering and giggling. It didn’t “feel right” to me, but then, I’ve never been to anything like this anymore. I just know my mother would have told me to keep my mouth shut and behave. So that’s what I did.

On to the banquet room!

To be frank, the food itself wasn’t special, but the company was fantastic. I met a chef, a physician and a poet. Jack had said that this particular lodge was known for its ethnic diversity, and it was true. I brought it up in conversation as a compliment, and one of the masons acknowledged that it was probably due to the social progressiveness of the Bay Area in general.

I’m not going to talk much about the fact that the Freemasons is a fraternal order and women are not allowed, except that its a fact and I’m okay with this and don’t think it’s anti-feminist. They are affiliated with sorornal (sororinal? what the heck is the word for the sister version?) organizations, representatives of some (like the Girl Scout-esque group) were present at the ceremony as well.

Anyway, by the end of the evening I was quite tired and we left a little early to go back to my apartment.

  • I attempted to apologize and console Jack when we discovered his car had been towed from in front of my building.

I don’t think I was especially effective. But I have to say, Jack handled the situation with aplomb. I don’t even think he cursed! I will, though, for the record: Fuck the DPT.

  • I worked, mostly on the annual report for my business.

Apparently, shareholders want this kind of thing to be done. And it’s also apparently my job as the COO. So, no getting out of that one.

You may notice changes in the blog, or you may not.

  • I took naps.

Which I love.

And that, dear readers, was Le Weekend.

I apologized, but he was M.A.D. so it didn’t seem to do any good.

He left.

I’m getting to work.

Projects worked on: DD, product photography, Annual Report

Projects I wished I worked on: laundry, cleaning my apartment, making more xmas cards


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