Lee Laa Love Story Links

Five Links You Must Click.

1)  Macaroon(ed) Part II – from (Inside A Black Apple)

Finally finally proper testing and research has been done to find the most ultimate best macaroon recipe. Rounds of applause to theblackapple and her mum. I cannot wait to try this.

They should look pretty like this.

They should look pretty like this.


2)  List of average IQs by Occupation from Buzzfeed

Because I wanna see whos all better en me and shit.

Because I wanna see who's all better 'en me and shit.


3)  Taking Control from Queen of Spain

Musings on children and public schools vs. charter schools. In the end I agree with/support Ms. Queen’s decision. I like how this is a peek inside a real mum’s head.

4)  Seriousness from delgrosso.com

Let’s all take a moment and say, Yo! Tony D! This happens to everyone. Do not despair. And then give him a big hug or something because we love him.

5)  North Beach’s Flying Books Are Finally Flapping from Curbed SF

And this will be my first stop after work tomorrow. It will be dark and they will look magical.



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