Friendly Skies Yay

This Thanksgiving weekend started off with probably the most awesome travel inconvenience-turned-coincidence ever. Monsieur sweetly took me to drop off Prima at the dog sitters and then to SFO. Smoking outside, I knew that Jack’s flight was around the same time as mine so I texted him to see if he was still at the airport.

Not only was he at the airport, he was two gates away from where my flight to Chicago was departing. I ran inside (security at American was shockingly quick) and found Jack at the ticket counter. Apparently his flight to St. Louis was cancelled, so he’d be missing his connection to Milwaukee.

“Can you put him on my flight?” I asked the lady at the counter.

Snap snap, done. We were both booked and checked in on the same plane to Chicago, sitting together, and in the exit row. Awesome.

I was literally giddy about the whole deal. And I am quite sure we were the only pleasant, smiling happy and grateful couple the ticket lady saw that day. She was rad.

Jack is addicted to this Bix game.

Jack is addicted to this Bix game.

Best flight ever.


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