Bazaar Bizarre Q&A

Q: How cool is this stuff?

A: Fuh-reaking awesomely cool.

Q: Where the heck can I get stuff like this?

A: At Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco on Sunday, November 30th!

Q: Where is it?

A: at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park

Q: Radical, what time?

A: 10am – 5pm

Q: How much is it to go?


Q: Wait a second, I have to pay to get in?

A: Don’t be stingy! 50% of the proceeds go to Out of Site Center for Art Education.

Q: Holy crap. I want to go to Bazaar Bizarre so bad I think I might die waiting!

A: I know, right? But that wasn’t a question.

Q: Okay, can you run those deets by me again?

A: Bazaar Bizarre “Not your granny’s craft fair.”

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

10a – 5p

The San Francisco County Fair Building

Golden Gate Park

$1.00 entry

More info:


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