The Only Reason London Sucks: No Indie Bookstores

But we have them here in the United States! Did you know this? They’re, like, everywhere. It’s magical and wonderful and let’s be proud.

Like, I know, right?

Like, I know, right?


Here’s a cool thing:

Spend $100 at a local bookstore, and $68 of that money stays in the local community; spend the same amount at a national chain, and only $43 stays near home. That’s one of the driving arguments behind IndieBound, a new online community dedicated to promoting independent bookstores.

Publicly launched this fall by the American Booksellers Association, IndieBound’s mission is to help people across the United States share and find independently owned businesses in general, starting with bookstores.

Users of the IndieBound community can search for, add and comment on bookstores, append interest tags or other descriptions, and become fans of those they love. Like-minded users can connect as friends, and points are awarded for participation on the site—those who earn 100 or more are eligible to win periodic randomly drawn prizes.

The Indie Bestseller List is reported weekly by independent booksellers across America, while the Indie Next Lists—one for grownups and one for kids—feature bookseller recommendations. Users can then create wish lists of the books they’d love to have.

IndieBound lists only brick-and-mortar stores, and only those in the United States. One to bring to independent-minded shoppers in your neck of the woods….?


Spotted by: Emma Crameri via Springwise



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