If Your Heart Breaks A Little, Does It Make You Wiser?

And I mean just a little bit. A leaking or blood-letting of the heart. You skip a breath, or forget to breathe for a second.

There was someone you wanted to count on. Or you flash your scars, or you just ask for help. And that’s all you can do.

And you take some advice and just sit with the feeling for awhile. Guided, you even let a few tears fall before your stitch yourself back together for the public and your position. So you were sad, and now you’re more sad plus also frightened and maybe angry.

And then your thinking brain-thing stomps in and says, “You have to learn from this because you don’t deserve to feel this way.”

Or maybe it’s saying, “This hurts and I don’t like it, so let’s figure out how to protect ourselves from it.”

But someone gets marked as one thing, and another one gets marked as something else. And you know these aren’t definitions of the people, but it’s just so visceral right now.


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One Response to “If Your Heart Breaks A Little, Does It Make You Wiser?”

  1. Amedeus Says:

    When your heart breaks just a little, a lot or a hell of a lot … it does make you wiser but it doesn’t protect you from doing it over and over again …

    Don’t protect yourself … don’t hide from it … make yourself vulnerable again and do it all over again … that’s how we learn … that’s how we grow …

    We don’t like to feel that way … we don’t deserve to feel this way … but … there is just this way.

    Amedeus … stumbling from one heartbreak to another …

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