Down With Meanies

All I’m saying is that one of my dear friend’s housemates is now Blacklisted.

Why? Because this specific breed of narcissist cum wanna-be Mission hipster decided that it would be a-okay to turn the front living room / parlor of their house (which he owns) into his personal office without notification or even asking his two housemates.

Dude is more of a slob than I could ever hope to be and now everyone will have to tromp over his icky mess because the room also happens to be the entry to the rest of the house.


Stay classy!

* * *

Blacklist Update

12. A certain tacky housemate

11. Fratboys for McCain

10. My building’s HOA

9. Whomever started the 25 cent In-N-Out cheeseburger farce on the interwebs.

8. McCain saying “That one.”

7. Phyllis Chesler

6. Significant others who don’t vote for Obama.

5. Crocs, blue nail polish &/or jewelry on your feet.

4. Various American men’s footwear.

3. Sarah Palin

2. The San Francisco Examiner for endorsing John McCain & Sarah Palin. FAIL.

1. Henry Paulson’s watch


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2 Responses to “Down With Meanies”

  1. J. Adam Moore Says:

    I find that hiding, rearranging, and denying works to stop personal property in common living areas. Accidental spillage on papers and electronics is a mighty deterrent as well. I usually just wave a gun around and speak just quiet enough to make you shut up and lean in a bit.

    * * *

    Hello Mr. Moore,

    I like your style.

    xx – Holden

  2. gdewar Says:

    You should generate your own “on notice” board

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