Operation New Apartment: Step 1

A friend, who shall remain anonymous, was over recently and from my living room gazed into my office,

“Wow. It looks lived in,” she said.

Huh? Because this friend is a true sweetheart (otherwise she wouldn’t be my friend, duh, er, actually scratch that, I’m friends with lots ‘o bitches, but this one is sweet), I figured she meant no harm.

But isn’t that more or less code for “Your apartment is a disgusting mess and I don’t know how you live with yourself or sleep at night.”???

Well, to my poor little worrymind, it was.

It’s not that I don’t try to be neat and clean, it’s that I’m just so focused on being ORGANIZED. And I am, thank god. But somewhere in my day of running my business, going to the part-time secretary gig, blogging and making art, I’ve lost that Suzie Homemaker quality I’d really really like to have.

I mean, I even get emails from FLYLADY.

The real nail in the coffin was stumbling upon this little gem of a blog, sfgirlbybay, and seeing that bitch’s nice lady’s collections of perfect little urban oases with adorable little 1950s-era kitchens and supremely clean and sparkling parlors.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

Exhibit C (though this is sfgirlbybays friend, it still makes me jealous)

Exhibit C (though this is sfgirlbybay's friend, it still makes me jealous)

I wanted to die. But I’m not into that route anymore, so today is the first day of: Operation New Apartment (a spin-off of Operation New Me, which is a joke prolly only Nancy will get).

Step 1: Come out.


Step 2: Take “before” pictures.

Coming to an SFLS post near you.

Wish me luck!


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One Response to “Operation New Apartment: Step 1”

  1. wnorthw Says:

    Her apartment may look spiffy, but you have a better URL. More people see that. I think it’s great that you’re upgrading though – I’m available as consultant and laborer should you require any assistance.


    * * *

    Aw, shucks. I <3 you.

    xx, Holden

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