Bon Anniversaire Fog City News!

I talk about these folks a lot, and if you’ve been there you know why.

Today is San Francisco’s Fog City News‘ 9th Anniversary.

Fog City News on 1st and Market Streets

Fog City News on 1st and Market Streets

If you live in or around the City, and haven’t stopped by yet, you would be crazy not to do so.

Print[1] + chocolate[2] + fancy cigarettes = the best newsstand in the City

Go see Mr. Adam Smith, proprietor of this fine business, and tell ’em Holden sent you.

Hooray for the mom-and-pop!

[1] And not just any old rag shop. They have twenty versions of VOGUE, all the coolest design journals and everything that’s published locally (not to mention more international periodicals than I’ve seen anywhere). It’s rather dizzying sometimes.

[2] If you think Hershey’s is chocolate, you have not yet lived, my dear. If you think Ghiardelli is great chocolate, honey, we need to talk. Fog City News literally has one of the largest collections of premium chocolate bars from around the world. They do tastings, have chocolate-makers over to meet the people who obsess over cacao content, and are genuinely interested in what you think and like.

Fog City News

455 Market Street (@ First Street)


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  1. Rudi Amedeus Says:

    Largest collection of premium chocolate bars from around the world ? And now you tell me … geez … I have to check this place out … lol

    I’m on my way !


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