The Chocolate Man Is Coming!

Happening at tomorrow at my favorite shop ever: Fog City News on the SE corner of Market and 1st Streets:

Brad Kintzer, Friday, Nov 9, Noon-2pm

Brad Kintzer will be our guest a week from this Friday. He is part of the team that develops chocolate for Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker – from selecting the cacao beans to blending the best cacao to create a superlative bar.

He tastes chocolate many times each day and takes note of the way flavors interact and change over time.

Brad earned a degree in Botany from the University of Vermont with a concentration in tropical plant studies and first fell in love with cacao while visiting the Botanical Gardens in Montreal observing the unusual way in which cacao pods grow directly from the trunk of cacao trees.

Brad will discuss the current state of the chocolate industry, the close relationships Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker develops with cacao growers around the world and ultimately the distinctive flavor of the chocolate that results from these prized beans. Checking in with Brad just a few days ago, he mentioned that he might even bring us a prototype of his company’s newest bar and solicit YOUR feedback! This will be Brad’s first appearance at Fog City News. Please come by and give him a warm welcome.


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  1. gdewar Says:

    Adam, the owner of the store, is a cool guy and a UCSC graduate! He used to live upstairs from me at Porter!

    * * *

    Get right outta town! Damn. What is up with UCSC graduates being so freaking awesome?!

    xx, Holden

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