A while ago I asked, on Twitter, “Where do you get your best ideas?”

My sister gets them in the shower (convenient!) and I get mine as I’m about to take a nap (convenient!)

How about you?


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One Response to “Musing”

  1. Jack Says:

    My other fill in the blank.

    When I am with Holden, of course!

    * * *

    Oh my darling Jack.

    Um, yeah. This was my first time using WordPress’s “poll daddy”…which just sounds so…dirty!

    So, I’m aware there are two “other” options. Oops. And ALSO, major FAIL, apparently if you put a comment after you click “other” it just goes away into the cloud never to be seen again by me or anyone else.


    So, if you wish, please follow the example above so we know when/where you’re thinkin’.

    xx, Holden

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