Amy Sedaris I Love You But You’re Wrong

Here is the lovely and wonderful Amy Sedaris on some E! talkshow:

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Okay, Amy. Hilarious. And I want a Todd Oldham vagina pinboard too.

But ladies! Vaginal secretions are good for your vagina, mmkay? In fact, ask your gynecologist and she’ll tell you to take it easy on the soap. Mine told me warm water is really all you need. Otherwise, you’re washing away all the good bacteria that keeps you from getting yuckies like Bartholin cysts, infected ingrown hairs, urinary tract infections, and many more!

Here’s the deal: the vagina is an awesome self-cleaning system.

As my father (a physician) said to me recently upon one of my semi-regular freak-outs (“Is this supposed to be there?!”): Let nature take its course.

I do, however, highly recommend getting a nice big handheld mirror and good lighting to check out your vulva and all the cool stuff you gots on a regular basis, just like how you should be feeling your boobies regularly. If you don’t know and love your pussy, you can’t expect anyone else to know and love it.

And that’s my PSA for the day.

Viva la vulva!


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2 Responses to “Amy Sedaris I Love You But You’re Wrong”

  1. califmom Says:

    Well put! And, let us not forget the babies in this lesson. Baby girls do not need to have us over-washing their bits either. Teach ’em young. A soak in the tub is sufficient. No need to go about scrubbing with a soapy washcloth. Ouch!

  2. Melissa Says:

    OMG that made me whinge when she got all scrubby, gah! Treat your lady parts with love and respect, girls. Mine is very particular and only tolerates certain soaps. Yes I have a high-maintenance pussy, don’t judge.

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