“I am a Lady!”

Halloween costume chat:

On the table:

Emily. She is a lady.

Emily. She is a lady.

Monsieur: “Where are you from? The olden days!” I dunno how many peeps have seen “Little Britain“, but that character is funny even if you haven’t. If I ever run for president though…

me: LOL you always say that. “If I ever run for president”…is this like, some kind of pet project or on your life’s to-do list?

#24 Run for President (maybe)

#25 Don’t do anything that will incriminate me in my run for President.

Monsieur: Dude. You don’t think I could win?

me: Um…I think if you wanted to run for president, you’d be working in politics right now. Or at least in Hollywood.

Monsieur: “I’m a lady, I want to be the first lady president.”


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