The Horror. I CAN’T Has Cheezeburgers?!

The 25 cent burger does not, in fact, exist. My stars, this is the worst internet farce EVER.

Thank you to Derrick over at Random Screaming for enlightening us over here at we’ve-been-duped land.

And may I say, DAMN.

I Cant Has Cheezeburgers.

I Can't Has Cheezeburgers.


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2 Responses to “The Horror. I CAN’T Has Cheezeburgers?!”

  1. sflovestory Says:

    Confidential to Monsieur: You’re cut off.

  2. Derrick Says:

    Didn’t wanna bust your bubble, cause you know I was gonna go load up on 4 protein style cheezeburgers, but I look out for my peeps. And you are most def my peeps. (Say hi to Jack for me?)

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