Gardenias: Superflower

Nancy just informed me one of our sales reps (and friend) found out her mother has cancer. Even if you’ve been through tough times yourself, it’s always difficult to know what to do to show support. Sympathy and empathy are very different things.

But to start, I always think the best thing to do in this situation is to send flowers right away, along with a note making sure your friends and family know they can count on you to be there.

And a check-up call is also advised. Some people want to talk it out for hours, and some may not want to say anything at all. I think what’s best is to look to the person suffering for clues. Listen. If they don’t want to talk, let it lie. If they want to talk about totally unrelated things, go with that.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on that.

But as to flowers. THIS can be difficult. My new motto is: When in doubt, go with gardenias. I also think it’s nice to send a plant versus a bouquet that will…well…die sooner than later.

Gardenias really are the flower that I’ve found bring people the most joy and/or solace. I cannot think of an occasion where they’d be inappropriate.

And for friends who live far away, my favorite florist is I’ve been using them for over five years, and I’m always told the flowers arrive perfectly.


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  1. M. Says:

    Look at you getting all Emily Post Holden!

    Lovely and helpful post.

    Best wishes to your rep and her family.

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