That’s A Shitfuck Ton Of People

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OCTOBER 16th, 2008…

David Letterman: Now Sarah Palin, she helped the ticket immediately, didn’t she?  There was that huge boost after the convention.

John McCain: She still does.  Look, we went to…where was it…Norfolk, Virginia.  Virginia Beach, Virginia.  17,000 people show up.  I mean, they’re very enthusiastic.  I mean, this person is a role model to lots of people.  And I understand cynicism about it but I’m so proud of her.


One Hundred Thousand Obamapeeps

One Hundred Thousand Obamapeeps


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One Response to “That’s A Shitfuck Ton Of People”

  1. bigepaz Says:

    The cynic in me thought this was photoshopped. I’ve also been watching too many of those McCain rally videos — which always gets me down.

    But now I realize that a lot of Obama’s rallys are just this BIG. He inspires change, he’s positive and he just gets America. We really need him at this time.

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