Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, That’s My Name Too!

Okay, not really. I’m K. Holden Helena, which is almost as cool. Anyway, Mattilda read recently at City Lights and I want the book.

Please do not attempt this style at home. Rather, at home is fine, but don't be seen in public like this unless you are, in fact, named Mattilda B. Sycamore.

Please do not attempt this style at home. Rather, at home is fine, but don't go out in public unless your name is indeed Mattilda Berstein Sycamore.

So Many Ways to Sleep Badly.

Praise for So Many Ways to Sleep Badly:

So Many Ways to Sleep Badly is a perfectly tidy mess, a Sex in the Other City-only these sexual escapades and flailing urges are truly transgressive and flamboyantly hilarious at every turn. Sycamore deftly skewers a landscape that’s been completely sacked by mindless consumerism and unchecked gentrification, whether it’s a Whole Foods customer whining, “Which fish is the least fishy?” or an earnest yoga practitioner bragging about opening a factory in China. And hallelujah: this refreshingly frenetic and innovative second novel is unabashedly political, but without being formulaic or reductive. It is a book that has done nothing less than invent its own language-and I promise it’ll still be singing to you long after you close your eyes at night.”
-T Cooper, author of Lipshitz Six, or Two Angry Blondes and Some of the Parts

“Mattilda’s brilliance makes stream-of-consciousness a lifestyle, a state-of-consciousness. This is an entire lived life’s worth of heartshaking honesty, arch observation, searing vulnerabilty and craving and seeking, all in one breathtakingly poetic (and hilarious) book.”
-Michelle Tea, author of Valencia and Rose of No Man’s Land

“Like the best writers that have come before – Wojnarowicz, Lou Reed, Burroughs – Sycamore has boiled life and times down to a resin that you could almost grind, cut up and snort. There is no one else on this planet that could write this book. Dare I say it’s a classic? Yes, and I dare you to read it.”
-Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters


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