OMG: Equipalooza with Margaret Cho

If you don’t adore her, you have no taste.

During his recent stopover at the Castro Theatre, John Waters quipped that if gays are denied the right to marry, then heterosexuals should be denied the right to divorce. Hopefully, Waters’ modest proposal won’t need to be taken up if California voters defeat Proposition 8 this November. Doing her part is Margaret Cho, who hosts tonight’s Equalipalooza benefit to veto the initiative that would dissolve thousands of gay marriages throughout the state. Comedians Johnny Steele, Heather Gold, and Ali Mafi headline a night of all-inclusive entertainment that also features magic, poetry, clowning, and dancing.

– Matt Sussman

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when: Wednesday Oct 15 (8pm)
where: Broadway Studios (435 Broadway, 415.291.0333)
price: $40 / $100 for 7pm VIP reception and show

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