I’m Right Behind You

What are you doing right now?


I don’t think so.

Since you seem to have so much time on your hands, I’m going to steer you away from random internet surfing (that’s how you found yourself here, isn’t it? You did a search for “eyelashes” or “Django Reinhardt” or “banana soup” didn’t you?) and plunk you right down into an excellent serial novel by Tony Delgrosso, Mr. Abernathy.

I like to print out my copy, but you can read it on your computer or your iPhone too.

And, look here, it’s good. Really good.

Okay, I’ve only read one chapter, but there are only two chapters available so far. And I have an MFA, which, along with putting me over $10K in debt and imbuing upon me something of a ego-guilt cycle, gives me a bit of clout on literary opines.

So, before I go back to pretending to work while reading Mr. Abernathy I thought I’d commend it to you.

You’re welcome.


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