My Little Big Sister Love

I just got a text message from Nancy. It reads:

As tough as times r… We truly r blessed

Nancy is volunteering again with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Dallas. Four hours a month, she meets up with her “little brother”. Today she found herself in one of the “rougher” parts of Dallas, the only white girl driving around in her clunky car, waiting to hear back from the BBBS supervisor. We talked briefly earlier this evening. She was somewhere between annoyed and pissed-off. She had to reschedule their meeting four times and was now just waiting in a pharmacy parking lot. It was getting dark and she was getting upset.

I’ve visited Dallas a handful of times. Both my sisters live there now. Something I’d never imagined would happen. There are some wonderful things about this city, but I’d never live there. One of the things I find a little uncomfortable about being in Dallas is that segregation is really quite alive and well. Black people live in this neighborhood, white people in this one, and Latinos in this other one.

Not to say that San Francisco isn’t segregated. Downtown it feels a lot more mixed-up…and the City is smaller…so it’s less noticeable, at least centrally. Of course, there’s the other story: that living expenses in San Francisco are so expensive that Latino and Black people simply live in Oakland.

I could spend days analyzing these conditions, but what I’m really getting at here is that I’m proud of my sister.

She got herself out of her comfort zone, the place she “belongs” and into another family. And doing so made her grateful.

I’m starting to think, with all my phantom illnesses lately, that I might just be able to learn from this…

BBBS of the Bay Area
731 Market Street 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

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  1. sflovestory Says:

    Just submitted an application to be a Big Sister. Took five minutes. :) No excuses.

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