My New Favorite Blog: The Fluent Self

Do “you need some destuckification”?

Why yes, I do!

Well, here’s an awesome place to get it: The Fluent Self

Ms. Havi Brooks is a cool lady for many reasons, not least of which being that she loves naps and hates the word dipthong.

But seriously, her blog-meta-blog blog about blogging (and other things) is what got my attention. Especially her explanatory article about why going to conferences is good for you, regardless of the content.


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One Response to “My New Favorite Blog: The Fluent Self”

  1. smlacyart Says:

    I realize that this is an old post.
    But I just had to share that I also love Ms. Havi.
    She really is wonderful isn’t she?

    * * *

    Yes, agreed! Look for an upcoming review of one of Havi’s “destuckification” creations (Emergency Calming Techniques) right here on this blog.

    xx, Holden

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