Eww Moment: “that one.”

From the HuffingtonPost’s  “From “The One” To “That One”: John McCain And (Not) Reaching Across Party Lines”

But, Senator McCain, tonight you referred to Senator Obama as “…that one.”

Not “Senator Obama”, “my opponent”, or “he does” (which would have fit the context of the rhetorical question Senator McCain asked the audience in his previous sentence).

Not even “that man.”

But “that one.”

Who speaks that way about another person? Who calls a person “that one”?

Certainly not a future president… especially one who claims he knows how to work across party lines – (although every time he uses Senator Lieberman as his example of a Democrat who he works with, I feel like reminding him that Senator Lieberman is not really a Democrat any more) – and claims Senator Obama never has?

And, related to that, I think Senator McCain should talk to Senator Lugar (R – Indiana), because then he’d find out Senator Obama definitely knows how to reach – and work – across party lines.


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