Beloved Mommy Bloggers

So, the company my sister and I started two years ago is launching, like, right now.

Why do you care, dearest moms?

1. Because we make products for kids and babies.

2. We want to send you some (no charge, of course) and find out what you think.

You can send me your mailing address (completely confidentially…and I absolutely promise I won’t give it to anyone outside of our company) by clicking here or clicking on “Say Hey” in the links on this blog’s homepage.

Make sure to enter your blog’s URL!

Questions? Happily answered via the same format.


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One Response to “Beloved Mommy Bloggers”

  1. moya Says:

    seriously? for REAL you are making kids/baby things? can you dm me more info on twitter? i’m a blogger, and a mommy — but is it ok if i’m not a mommyblogger?

    * * *
    Hi Moya!

    Yes, I’m serious and for real. And mommy/bloggers are just as welcome as mommy-bloggers.

    xx, Holden

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