The Best Coffee In Your SF Neighborhood

Thanks to newly discovering this sweet gem of a website, you and I now know where to go to get the good stuff. Click on the name of the cafe, and you’ll see these guys are serious-time in their assessment and rating system. Not for the average (cuppa) Joe.

I love it when they do this.

I love it when they do this.

Bayview: Ritual Coffee Roasters – 1634 Jerrold Ave

Bernal Heights (or, Maternal Heights as we call it…beware of strollers, they’ll run you down) – Cafe Commons3161 Mission St.

Le Castro – Spike’s Coffee & Teas4117 19th St.

China Basin – Cento360 Ritch St.

Chinatown –Paisano’s Cafe530 Kearny at Sacramento

Civic Center – Ajatea Café835 Geary at Larkin

Cole Valley – Boulange de Cole Valley (I can personally vouch for this one) – 1000 Cole at Parnassus

Cow Hollow (one of my ‘hoods) – Café Merenda2760 Octavia at Union

Diamond Heights – Creighton’s Bakery Cafe5214-D Diamond Heights Blvd.

Dogpatch – Piccino Cafe801 22nd St. at Tennessee

Embarcadero –Blue Bottle Coffee Co. (Blue Bottle. Is. Legendary.) – 1 Ferry Building

The Fillmore – Bittersweet – The Chocolate Café2123 Fillmore at Sacramento

Financial District –Palio Paninoteca505 Montgomery at Commercial

Fisherman’s Wharf (I’m not sure why you would ever go here, except to dine at Gary Danko) – Gary Danko (See? Though, note, this is not a cafe but one of the finest restaurants in the world. And unless you know someone, I’d suggest a reservation 3-4 weeks in advance. Also be prepared to blow your rent.) – 800 North Point at Hyde

Glen Park – Cafe Bello2885 Diamond at Bosworth

Hayes Valley – Blue Bottle (duh) – 315 Linden at Gough (Pro Tip: Tourists, “Gough” is pronounced like “cough”)

*** OK, jeez! I can’t believe I’m only to “H”. I’m taking a break for now, so you’re on your own for the rest right now. How many damn neighborhoods are there in a 49 square mile city? ***

More to come shortly (promise).

More to come shortly (promise).


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  1. M. Says:

    i can vouch for piccino – that place is the shiz…

    when are you going to review the petite deli?


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