Ooooh! Reverend Billy is Coming!

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Freaky and awesome.

Freaky and awesome.

The Shopocalypse – The Reverend Has To Wonder
We have big box bankruptcies, chain store retreats, credit card dessicration. Consumers are turning into citizens again. Little McFamilies have seen the light! They are building special bomb-shelters to protect against this year’s Christmas, which could be the Shopoclaypse’s last chance to be remembered in history as a quality End-time…

Come on down and become one with the spirit. Join Reverend Billy on Oct 5, 5 PM in the poetry room at City Lights!

Reverend Billy first began preaching in Times Square and has since been incessantly spreading the word at major retail stores from San Francisco to New York City. He has led opposition to consumerism, chain stores, and malls that hurt communities. He has been regularly featured in the national media, most recently in the New York Times, and was arrested with great panache as he led prayers against consumerism in Disneyland. He is the founder of the Church of Stop Shopping and is regularly joined in his appearances by the Stop Shopping Choir. He has authored the books: What Would Jesus Buy? published by PublicAffairsBooks and What Should I Do If Reverend Billy’s In My Store? published by New Press. He makes his home in New York City.



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