Death: Weird

I’m not one for celebrity deaths. I probably think about death too much as is (blame my fixation on Woody Allen, not the state of non-being as it is), but when someone “famous” dies (thinking of David Foster Wallace here)…I feel nothing.

I guess I think, hey he had some great books. I actually read them. But his decision to kill himself to me is no more important than if he just up and decided to stop writing books.

The exception to this is that I consider myself a hope-fighter, anti-suicide mistress or whatever you want to call it. I survived my attempt, sucks Wallace didn’t survive his…for him and his family/friends.

Anyway, it’s weird. I just don’t understand how people get all gooey when someone they don’t know…well, I have a theory anyway. And it’s a theory of idolization. That’s just not how I roll.



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  1. sfordinarygirl Says:

    When Heath Ledger OD’d on drugs everyone around me was mourning. I found myself a tad bit obsessed reading every bit of news on Google. Maybe it’s because we worship some of these celebrities and functioning without them is unbearable. It does seem silly now that I recall the need to find out why he couldn’t survive.

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