Time For Some UC Santa Cruz Folklore

Ah yes, the memories…wait, I don’t remember much of anything, seeing as attending the University of California at Santa Cruz is the mind and body equivalent of being a baby-boomer who took part in the Summer of Love in SF.

Good times.

Anyway, here is a strange little video of what is the Semi-Official “Elf Land” at UCSC.

Fiat slug!


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3 Responses to “Time For Some UC Santa Cruz Folklore”

  1. njudah Says:

    I’m surprised “elf land” is left at all…when I attended Slug College, they were fighting over Colleges 9 and 10 and they were literally beating attorneys and hiring thugs to beat on people to guard the construction zone….so whatever’s left is like Elfland lite I would imagine.

    I’ll never forget the public hearing when aging hippies demanded to know if the UC system consulted a “spiritual consutlant” before making building plans. I also remember that the cost of building the dorms there jacked up the cost of housing for everyone (as campus housing has to pay for itself, not with tax bucks) and people freaked.

  2. Holden Says:

    I know! I was surprised it still exists too. I graduated (Kresge!!) in 2003. It always seemed UCSC was getting “more like UCLA” and less like the kooky social experiment it started out to be.

    Which should not be, of course, surprising at all.

    But it’s nice to see Elf Land has made it through at all…the video was shot in 2007.

  3. kyle Says:

    There is no elfland at UCSC and there hasn’t been one since the mid-nineties when construction began on Colleges 9 and 10. Moreover, the garden in that video doesn’t look anything like what elfland was, nor that general bio-region of campus. The folklore of elfland is totally great and should be preserved–but it should be preserved for what elfland WAS, not some yuppie’s little homage to it in his yard.
    There are plenty of fascinating places still at UCSC, mostly in upper campus. The key to remembering elfland is not simply recalling the place as it was, but the importance of the struggle to preserve it. The administration would love to homogenize UCSC completely, but such tendencies are by no means inevitable.

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