NOTE: I’m pretty sure this is about the 4th draft. Thoughts & comments, as always, welcome.


I’ll see you tomorrow

or find something good and copy it

that’s all we need for goodness

to carry on up there

on the wall.

Husks fall and slip shows

location in the world one

is up there, all about weight

in plant seeds and wood-bluish

involved in light or light-harvesting.

That good.

That good we want is rich wild concepts

in cities’ nature flow only based

on vital roles, simple sugars form

the walls. Play up our roles

in protection. Small room arrangement

of cups around sepals we might be

considered collectively at best. Like,

we could ask each other,

“From what ecosystem are you now?”

It’s really unlike me to want a whorl of parts

just be rained on. The goodness of fit,

a test of prediction draws what could be

a central dogma or orange, I guess.

Of origin, we’re drawing a new map

these areas to show

the highest character in charcoal form

the effect of browning. Mapping it out

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