At Twenty-seven, Seventeen, Seven: 7

At 7 years old, little Holden me:

Maybe I just knew I would be going places.

Today, I'd say the answer is "Not argue about their divorce." I adore not arguing with my Mom and Dad.

I think this was a valiant attempt.

Still in touch with Jessica. As for Jeannie, who knows...and who names their child that?

I'm seeing my hair now looks more like it did in 2nd grade than it did when I was a senior in high school. I'm so nostalgic.


I defy you to find a 7 year-old today that lists "Pin the tail on the donkey" as their favorite game. Simpler times, my friends.

When I saw this, I was like, WHAT.

I’ve since learned that “bag wormes” were really Forest Tent Caterpillars, which makes this hobby slightly less disgusting to me now.

Isn't this the truth? You know.

I was, and still am, ALL ABOUT THE CANDY.

Thanks to my father's friendship with the Clintons, this actually happened a few years later at a White House Dinner and a wedding...thrice, actually. Funny.

I just can't believe I was EVER 4'4".


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