I Asked About The Coffee

Last night I dreamed I was on an island…one colonized previously by some European country. Everyone was speaking Italian, so I spoke in French, which most people understood. The fashion was spectacular. I went to an old plantation site, in the old town, and there was a party and everyone was dressed in beautiful colors. I remember the purple mostly.

Later I went wandering into the real town of what must have been left of the Caribbean Diaspora. There were huts lined up in rows, a Cartesian organization and in one hut, they were roasting coffee beans. I asked the woman in the dark hut about the coffee. I asked her in three different languages, but she did not understand me, or she didn’t want to talk to me.

So I went swimming and found a cave both above and under the water. It was frightening and claustrophobic, but I wiggled through to a place of extraordinarily clarity of the blue colors.


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