It’s the Only Card He Has Left

Tweet of the day brought to you by the wonderful vmarinelli:


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9 Responses to “It’s the Only Card He Has Left”


    The man was a POW ya know?

  2. suppose Says:

    Let’s see how you would do under torture for several years.

  3. Jack H. Says:

    @suppose: 7 years of W’s presidency, does that count?

  4. suppose Says:

    You know what I mean, and cowardly bravado doesn’t count.

  5. sflovestory Says:

    Hola suppose! So yeah. I would SUCK at the whole “enduring torture” thing. Unless said torture was, you know, THAT kind (winkwinknudgenudge, eh?).

    And if I were John M. Aformerprisonerofwar, I’d sure as hell use my POW status as marketing fodder. Shit, it’s a gold mine. Patriotic folks everywhere going, “Well, hotdamn, I don’t care if that ol’ guy speaks like his brain’s turned to mud or has certain ‘plans’ that might ‘ruin the earth’, and ‘suck’ for ‘the middle class’, if he survived TORTURE, he should be President.”

    I mean, srsly. That’s Marketing 101. Dig?

    But hello. I know a shiny package when I see one. I make them for a living. And I know that if a customer buys one and finds a whole lotta crap inside, they’re not gonna buy another one.

    I count on repeat customers.

    Too bad we only get to vote once, and there’s no return policy. I think this country pretty much cashed out its tolerance for a crap product in the last two terms.

    So, Gobama and all that. Shiny package PLUS great product. Sweet.


    PS I apologize for all the scare quotes and extended metaphors, but sometimes one has to “break it down” for republicans.

    PPS Zing. Howyoulikemenowbitch?

  6. suppose Says:

    So much for your meaningless repartee.

  7. Wolf189 Says:

    I have to say, that is kind of funny!

  8. Victoria Marinelli Says:

    You know, it’s fine and lovely if someone endures torture and does something heroic decades in the past, but that doesn’t automatically confer to one a preparedness to lead. McCain long ago sold out whatever principles he once had in this desperate, last effort to grasp at the highest office in the land. There are indeed awards that ought to be given for military bravery and valor, but these are not in themselves credentials.

    And I think it damages the legacies of those of McCain’s compatriots who also survived torture (or, for that matter, who did not survive it) when one accepts, in the absence of competency and capacity to lead (he can’t even keep his Sunnis and Shiites straight, for God’s sake!), this mere fact of his former POW status. (Also note: There are a great number of POW who despise McCain, who believe he has sold out their interests.)

    Finally, in the interests of his pursuit of power, he has not only embraced the rhetoric, style, and tactics of the Bush administration from which, at one point, he might have been seen as far more distinct, in particular with consideration for his vote on torture, in which he not only betrayed torture survivors everywhere, but he acted in a manner that manifestly endangers our troops right now.

  9. sflovestory Says:

    Ms. Marinelli gets the first and last word. No one could have stated either better.


    Go look at something else here! This blog isn’t all about politics ya know!

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