Models With Facial Hair

Two disclosures:

1. I am cleaning out my office.

2. I used to be the creative director for a fashion collective, and my duties included casting director. So, I have A LOT of Polaroids of models who’ve come to one of my castings.

3. I will do just about anything to procrastinate the actual “cleaning” part of cleaning out my office.

Hence, I bring to you, Models With Facial Hair. Enjoy.

Short Boxed

Unibrow-Stash Combo

The Minimalist

Rap Industry Standard + Beard

Chin Curtain

Reverse Dali

French Fork + Dali

The Hollywoodian

The “That Guy”

The Napolean III Imperial

The Copstash Standard

The Handlebar (Extra Curly)

(I’ll let you in on the fact that I included myself somewheres in here, but I’m in disguise. Also, my facial hair is the prettiest.)

This post brought to you by Softcore Hobography.


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4 Responses to “Models With Facial Hair”

  1. Jon Says:

    The fist in your picture makes it look like your contemplating going after Princess Peach.

  2. savia Says:

    Okay, this fucking rocks! Thanks for making my day ;)

  3. Shakti Says:


  4. Daelan Says:

    Wow, nice! Could you post more of them?

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