Poetics’ Politics (Again, Sorry)

cultural/socio-economic DEMOGRAPHIC?

Are all conventions political/politically oriented?

Is breaking a convention a political act? Well, what is a political act? What does “political” mean?

Maybe after the purity of Modernism (purity from politics?) everything is being read as political.

what is politics

What you write is dependent on what you read

Take on different names — not pseudonyms because they are real names, the name of the person who wrote the poem.

Authority: Editors, publishers, universities

Anti-advertisement or a way to avoid failure

The {AUTHORITY} is coming from the work itself (in addition to all the works the particular read had read)

– so what about the force-fed reading? The Canon?


–> we used (no) we need to receive a wide range of possibility with a reading..

–> Thrusting historical content on a poem may not be beneficial — “says more about the reader/critic than the poem/poet”


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