You Can Read, I Promise

snafu (S.N.A.F.U.)

romance novels

“What does this text do in the world?”

legally, we are prohibited from making exaggerated claims about the potency in this therefore legally we wouldn’t tell you that after this
started using horseshoes or that this gave enough strength to press
heck, we can’t even tell you this gives you the power to
a thousand just ask queens
legally we can’t say stuff like that — ’cause that would be wrong, you know all you need made for the center for a.k.a. label and




like I mean how else you know most in my writing it’s more like certain values we certainly don’t want to be instructing each other in the rejection isn’t there something scientific the best moment is when I don’t plan anything requires work on behalf of it feels dishonest create a narrative out of it the openness can be seen as kind of an illusion frames psychoanalysis hospitable to interpretation to which we cannot remain indifferent only propaganda thinks it knows what it wants one of the hazards of writing “about” something otherwise have an end to anything why bother taking cliche out of your poems?

Little children will not be conventionalized hiding a camera in a book there’s integrity in the interest that’s not a measurable or detectable any good poem is evidence

free association is an erotic pleasure?


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